Why choose Zu Qigong?

No anxiety about the client’s presenting health symptoms, i.e. which areas to focus on or avoid.

A holistic approach, no diagnosing or treating specific conditions.

A gentle technique that causes no repetitive strain on hands and fingers.

Zu Qigong can be used as a stand-alone therapy or integrated with other techniques.

Once mastered, provides a relaxing experience for therapist and client alike, a meditative effect.

Interested in learning more about Zu Qigong?

Are you a holistic therapist trained in massage therapies, reflexology or energy based therapies?

Are you looking for a holistic technique that is widely inclusive, suitable for client groups with complex health issues, including those receiving palliative care?

Interested in learning more about Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian theories?                                               

You will be very welcome at one of our workshops.

For your Continuing Professional Development; Zu Qigong workshops offer 4 full days of teaching /learning plus case study work .


 Zu Qigong is now recognised as a stand alone therapy by the main insurance companies offering therapist insurance cover.


Please note that currently due to Covid-19 all workshops are suspended.

I am currently working on developing an on-line training programme and hope to have this up and running by Spring 2021. This will be a modular course with students required to submit case studies and attend some Zoom tutorials to complete training and receive a qualification certificate.


Training in Zu Qigong is offered as a CPD module over 4 days - usually arranged over 2 weekends, ideally 6 to 8 weeks apart.

Training is open to therapists qualified in reflexology, massage or energy therapy techniques. You should have a basic knowledge of the meridian network, i.e. nomenclature and basic pathways, and be familiar with the anatomical structure of the foot.

As this training involves case studies you should be insured and have access to a client base willing to participate in case studies.

In these workshops you will learn both a shortened and full Zu Qigong sequence plus:

→ The principles and theories of Qigong and energy medicine.

→ The basic theories of TCM, including Yin & Yang, Zang / Fu organs, 5 Elements/Phases - cycles and relationships, and the Horary Cycle (Clock Cycle). How to apply these theories in Zu Qigong.

→ The 8 Extraordinary Vessels, the deepest energy pathways in the human body.

→ The theories involved in mapping and working with the physical and reflected pathways of the 12 regular meridians and the 8 Extraordinary Vessels on the feet.

→ How to adapt the Zu Qigong technique for use with other therapies, and different client groups.


Case Studies

You are required to complete 6 treatments / case studies between the first and second weekend workshops. The aim is to help you become familiar with the technique taught in part 1, also to uncover any problems or questions you may have before learning the rest of the sequence.

On completion of training, to be issued with a Practitioner Certificate you will be required to submit 20 case studies. This is discussed in detail at the workshops.

Arranging Workshops

UK workshops are now generally arranged on a "supply and demand basis".

If you can organise a group of interested therapists in your local area, then I will be happy to arrange a workshop - dates to suit the group.

Requirements for a workshop:

→ A group of 6 - 10 therapists (larger groups are possible).

→ A suitable venue, and the availability of teaching equipment (flip chart, projector for power-point, massage tables.)

→ A member of the group willing to help with venue booking, setting up equipment etc.

Please note that if workshops are being arranged outside of Scotland, if possible the venue should be located near a main line train station or airport.

Cost of training.

Prices vary depending on group numbers, location etc. However workshops are usually priced between £180 - £230 per weekend. (Total cost £360 - £460 for full 4 day training). Please note this price includes a copy of the book "Zu Qigong - Foot Energy Work" and a wall chart, A2 size.


International Workshops. Please contact me directly to discuss.


Have you previously attended Part 1 of the original 5 day workshop arrangement (2 days + 3 days) and didn't get around to completing  your training? If you would now like to finish your Zu Qigong training then please get in touch to discuss.